• 1992, Toronto and Montréal
     Performance with the group ‘Pejvak’.
  • 1995 to 2000
    Many interviews by Shahre Ma TV, 24 hour radio of Iran, and Sharvand newspaper in Toronto.
  • 2000 to present
    A number of publications in Shahrvand newspaper in Toronto, 'Daftare honar'
    magazine published in California and 'Art of music'
    published in Iran.

  • April 2003, Iranian Association at University of Toronto
    A talk on analysis of music from perspective of a musician – a comparison between Persian and western music.
  • May 2003, Iranian Association at University of Toronto
    Topic for the talk: ‘The unmasked faces, the role of music in war, ethics, and mysticism”.
  • 2004
    - Interviewed by Mr. Touraj Negahban for AFN Farsi Networks TV in Los Angeles.
    - Phone interview by Mr. Farhang Farrahi in Los Angeles.
  • March 2005, Interview
  • March 2006, Nowruz Under the Azure Dome, Harbourfront Centre Theatre, Toronto
     During a three-day cultural festival on the eve of Nowruz, Hassan Yousef Zamani, makes a return to the stage premiering his most recent collection of Persian and Kurdish pieces. http://www.azuredome.ca/

  • June 18, 2006, Toronto Festival of Persian Music, Toronto Center for the Arts
    Group ‘Pejvak’ made a return to the stage to perform new Persian and folk pieces. Toronto Center for the Arts: http://www.tocentre.com
  • February 10th, 2007, Armenian Youth Centre 50 Hallcrown Place

  • February 9, 2008, 8:00 PM York Woods Library (YW)
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